Advanced Intellectual Property Rights


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Intellectual Property Rights or the protection of Intellectual Property plays a pivotal role in attaining widely shared objectives, both for the creator of the intellectual property as well as for the society at large.

In fact, IPRs play a crucial role in the cultural, social, and economic development of a country.

So, how exactly just protecting intellectual property or Intellectual Property Rights or IPR help in such development?

The following objectives are included in our Latest PowerPoint Presentation:-

  • Explain the Importance of Protecting Intellectual Property
  • Describe how Trademarks have Impact on Consumer Protection
  • Describe the Role of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • Describe the Role of The Hague System
  • Describe the Role of International Convention for Breeder’s Rights
  • Explain the Copyright Challenges in the Digital Age
  • Explain why Digital Age is Challenging for Copyright
  • Describe Ways to Overcome Copyright Challenges in Digital Age
  • Explain What is a Soft Intellectual Property
  • List the Benefits of Stringent Patent Protection


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