Building Influence


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Influence is how you inspire others to take action. Influence measures what others do for you.

Influence is measured based on two metrics:

  • Ability to inspire action: following, likes, allies
  • Outreach: Generosity, rewards actions, interaction with others

The following objectives are included in this Presentation:-

  • Explain What is Influence
  • Explain Why We should Influence People
  • Describe the Principles of Influence
  • Describe the Strategies of Influencing People
  • Explain the Role of Communication to Build Influence
  • Explain the Role of Active Listening to Build Influence
  • Explain the Role of Body Language to Build Influence
  • Describe How to Influence People
  • Explain How to Control the Actions & Attitudes of Others
  • Explain the Relation between Influence and Self
  • Explain How to Influence Different Personalities
  • List the Tips for Influencing People


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