Cash Management


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Business is a matter of using money to make more money. Start-up capital is invested as seed money to earn incremental money generated by profit as its fruit; this in turn, becomes the seed money to earn more money.

Money thus becomes both basic input and ultimate output for a business. We can appreciate cash and its role in business in a better way by studying evolution of money and its transformation into present day form of “Ready Money”.

The following objectives are included in our Latest PowerPoint Presentation:-

  • Cash in business
  • Cash Flow cycle
  • Cash budgets – Genesis of Forecasting
  • Cash budgets – Formatting
  • Cash budgets – Short term
  • Cash budgets – Long term
  • Cash Management Techniques
  • Liquidity and Efficient Use of Cash
  • Management of Receivables
  • Management of Inventory
  • Investment of Short Term Surplus


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