Corporate Etiquette


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‘Corporate Etiquette’ is defined as the code of ethical and honourable behavior with respect to a professional practice or behavior among the members of a profession in their dealings with each other.

The following objectives are included in our Latest Presentation:-

  • Explain What is Corporate Etiquette
  • List the Benefits of Corporate Etiquette
  • Explain How to Show Etiquette in Communication
  • List the Common Courtesy Expressions
  • List the Phrases for Greeting
  • Explain the Steps to Make Introductions
  • Describe the Etiquette of Using Business Cards
  • Describe the Dining and Corporate Etiquette
  • Explain the Role of Body Language in Etiquette
  • Describe the Corporate Etiquette in Handshake
  • Describe the Norms of Dressing Etiquette
  • Explain the Hofstede Model to Analyze Cultures
  • List the Characteristics for Good Corporate Etiquette
  • Describe the Behaviors driving Corporate Etiquette
  • Describe the Behaviors to Avoid in Etiquette


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