Coaching and Mentoring Skills


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Do you wanted to see the below changes in your organization:-

  • To engage employees in a disciplined review of their performance and overall organizational talent
  • Guide development activities of staff
  • Bring HR systems into alignment
  • Assure continuity of key positions

Just learn how to become a successful coach and mentor with the help of our Latest PowerPoint Presentation.   This presentation consists of 184 slides in total.  Following are the Objectives that are covered in the Presentation:

  • Explain why do we need to Mentor people
  • List the responsibilities of a Mentor
  • Discuss the Parameters to assess Mentees
  • Explain how to enhance Mentees’ Performance
  • Describe the Principles of Designing Mentoring Process
  • Describe the elements of an Effective Mentoring Process
  • Describe characteristics of an Effective Mentoring Process
  • Explain the how to give feedback while Mentoring
  • Explain how to Mentor different types of Personalities
  • Explain the how to Mentor people for Growth
  • Discuss the Development Tools used for Mentoring
  • Discuss the role of Learning & Development in Mentoring
  • List the criteria for Evaluation of Mentoring Process
  • Explain the importance of Self-Confidence for a Mentor
  • List the Tips for better Mentoring


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