Introduction to Supply Chain Management


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Supply Chain Strategies are the critical backbone of business organizations today. Effective market coverage, availability of products at locations which hold the key to revenue recognition depends upon the effectiveness of Supply Chain Strategy rolled out. Very simply stated, when a product is introduced in the market and advertised, the entire market in the country and all the sales counters need to have the product where the customer is able to buy and take delivery. Any glitch in the product not being available at the right time can result in drop in the customer interest and demand which can be disastrous. Thus, design of transportation network and management assume importance to support sales and marketing strategy.

The following objectives are included in our Latest Presentation:-

  • Explain the Importance of SCM in an Organization
  • Define What is Supply Chain Management
  • Explain Supply Chain Network Design (SCND)
  • Explain What is Demand Planning
  • Describe the Role of IT in SCM
  • Describe the Role of Logistics in SCM
  • Explain What is Global Supply Chain Management
  • Explain What is Finished Goods Supply Chain
  • Explain What is Reverse Logistics
  • Explain What is Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Describe the Functions of Warehouse Management
  • Explain Factors of Warehouse Operational Efficiency
  • Explain Steps to Improve Throughput of Process Chain
  • Explain Key Issues of Supply Chain Management
  • List Tips for Effective Supply Chain Management


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