Making Small Talk


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‘Small Talk’ means light informal conversation for social occasions. The ability of ‘making small talk’ helps people to connect with others and mingle comfortably with them. Learning to ‘make small talk’ can help you to connect easily with strangers in a social gathering, build rapport, and improve your interpersonal and social skills.

The following objectives are included in our Latest PowerPoint Presentation:-

  • Explain What is meant by ‘Small Talk’
  • List the Benefits of Making Small Talk
  • List the Safe and Unsafe Topics while Making Small Talk
  • Explain the Steps to Kick-start Your Small Talk
  • Describe the Role of Courtesy in Making Small Talk
  • Explain How to Make a Quiet Person Talk
  • Describe the Crucial Aspects while Making Small Talk
  • Explain How to Improve Your Small Talk
  • Describe Ways to Make a Lasting Positive Impression
  • List the Behaviors to Avoid While Making Small Talk


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