Anger Management


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Is your wife or family members unhappy with you? Are your Subordinates/colleagues scared of you? Have your friends started avoiding you?

Just think a while and answer the above question. If all these are happening to you because of lack of ANGER MANAGEMENT SKILLS, then we have something special for you.


Just learn to control and master yourself in Managing your Anger with our Latest Powerpoint Presentation. The Presentation consists of 150 slides in total. Following are the Objectives that are covered in the Presentation:


  1. What is Anger?
  2. What is Anger Management?
  3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Anger
  4. Triggers of Anger
  5. Internal Cues to Anger
  6. Types of Anger
  7. Steps for Anger Management
  8. What is CUDSAIR?
  9. Use of Relaxation for Anger Management
  10. Strategies to Control Anger
  11. Use of Effective Communication
  12. List the Tips to Keep Cool


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