Assertiveness Skills


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Assertiveness is the ability to communicate your needs, feelings, opinions, and beliefs in an open and honest manner without violating the rights of others. An honest, direct and appropriate expression of one’s feelings, thoughts and beliefs.  A person can choose to be assertive by his own will. However, being assertive involves a definite set of characteristics and behaviors to exercise one’s assertiveness.

The following objectives are covered in the PowerPoint Presentation:-

Explain What is Assertiveness

Define Assertiveness

List the Benefits of Being Assertive

Describe the Liberation Cycle of Assertiveness

Describe the Various Behavior Patterns

Compare Passive, Assertive and Aggressive Behavior

Explain the Power of Affirmations

Describe the Various Skills for Assertiveness

Explain the Process of Disagreeing Gracefully

Explain the Four Steps to Saying ‘No’

Describe the Body Language while Saying ‘No’

Explain the Elements of Assertive Communication

List the Role of Assertive Words in Assertiveness

Describe the Non Verbal Aspects of Assertiveness

Explain the Action Plan for Building Assertiveness


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