Principles of Psychology


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Principles of Psychology is the crucial base needed to understand how an individual’s mindset is impacted by various aspects.

The biological perspective or foundation or ‘Biopsychology’ is a latest development in the field of psychology which has acquired increasing importance as a specialized branch of psychology in recent times. This branch of psychology is also known by different names like Psychobiology, Biological Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience and Physiological Psychology.

The following objectives are included in this Presentation:-

  • Explain the Biological Foundation of Psychology
  • Explain the Pros and Cons of Biopsychology
  • Explain How Brain Lateralization Influences Behavior
  • Explain How to Overcome Single Hemisphere Dominance
  • Describe the Role of Sensation in Psychology
  • Describe the Role of Perception in Psychology
  • Explain the Sensory Process
  • Explain the Sensory Absolute Threshold
  • Explain Sensation and the Sensory Organs
  • Explain What is meant by ‘Perception’
  • Explain Stages of Perception Process
  • Explain What is Selective Attention
  • Explain What is Perceptual Expectancy
  • Explain Types of Illusions
  • Explain Types of Perceptual Constancies


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