Social Psychology


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Social psychology experiments to study group behaviour were being conducted in as early as before the year 1900. These experiments were conducted to logically, scientifically, and systematically measure and record the feelings, behaviors, attributes, thoughts, patterns, and attitudes of social behavior among human beings.

By the year 1908, the first social psychology textbooks were published. These include several books written on an introduction to social psychology which outlines the principles which govern the field of social psychology.

The below objectives are included in our Latest PowerPoint Presentation:-

  • Explain What is Social Psychology
  • Describe the History of Social Psychology
  • Explain What is meant by Social Influence
  • Explain What is meant by the ‘Individual-Society Interaction’
  • Explain Lewin’s Equation of Individual-Society Interaction
  • Describe Attitudes & Action in Social Psychology
  • Explain What is Human Characteristics & Fitness
  • Explain Evolutionary Adaptation
  • Explain Drives of Evolutionary Adaptation
  • Explain Impact of Social Behavior on Individuals
  • Explain Reciprocity in Social Norms
  • Explain Peer Comparison in Social Norms
  • Explain What is Social NeuroScience
  • Describe the Application of Social Psychology
  • Explain Reasons for Conflict in Social Circles


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