HR Consulting


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HR Consulting is the performance of HR-related tasks and services by outside parties, on a recurring basis that would otherwise be performed in-house in a company.  HR Consulting is also known as HR Outsourcing.

The following objectives are included in this Presentation:-

  • Explain What is HR Consulting
  • List the Competencies of a Successful HR Consultant
  • List the Do’s and Don’ts of HR Consulting
  • Explain the Stages in the Consulting Process
  • Describe the Overview of Consulting Process Model
  • List the Five Most Commonly Outsourced HR Services
  • List the Least Commonly Outsourced Functions
  • Explain HR Consulting Myths
  • Explain the Trends in HR Outsourcing Market
  • Explain the Future of HR Consulting
  • Describe the Typical Problems of HR Outsourcing
  • Explain Best Practices of HR Consulting


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