Basics of Psychology


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Understanding the mindset or the psychology of a person is extremely important to not only understand why a person is the way he/she is but also for the individual himself/herself to overcome difficult times and problems. This is where the field of Psychology and Psychologists play a crucial role.


The term ’Psychology’ has been derived from two Greek words ’Psyche’ which means life and ’logos’ which means explanation. Psychology as a social science scientifically studies the mind and behavior, which influences our day-to-day lives, professional well-being, and our relationships with family members and society.


The following objectives are included in our Latest PowerPoint Presentation:


  • Explain What is meant by Psychology
  • Describe the Advent of Modern Psychology
  • List the Branches of Psychology
  • Explain Basic Premises of Psychology
  • Explain the Approaches of Psychology
  • Explain the Modern Approaches to Psychology
  • Explain Psychology & The Nervous System and the Brain
  • Explain How Neurons Work
  • Explain Relation between Neurotransmitters & Behavior
  • Explain Psychodynamic Theory of Psychology
  • Explain Components of Human Personality
  • Explain Freud’s Defence Mechanisms
  • Explain Freud’s Concept of Dream Analysis
  • Explain the Gestalt School of Psychology
  • List the Challenges to the Field of Psychology


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