Compensation Management


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Compensation management strives for internal and external equity. Internal equity requires that pay be related to the relative worth of a job so that similar jobs get similar pay. External equity means paying workers what other firms in the labor market pay comparable workers. The objective of efficiency are reflected in attempts to link a part of wages to productivity or profit, group or individual performance, acquisition and application of skills and so on. It can be achieved through high employment levels and low inflation. It implies that employees will move to wherever they receive a net gain.

The following objectives are included in this Presentation:-

  • Introduction to Compensation Management
  • Economic Theories and Compensation Management
  • Compensation Management and Job Design
  • Performance-Related Compensation
  • Negotiation in Compensation
  • Attrition and Compensation Management
  • Executive Compensation
  • Sales Compensation Plans
  • Strategic Compensation Management
  • Quantitative Tools and Innovation in Compensation
  • International Compensation Management


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