Supervisory Skills


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Managers at lower level of management are known as ‘first-line managers’ or ‘supervisors’. Generally, the supervisors at this level hold positions in the hierarchy below the middle managers in an organization. Some of the titles that such lower level managers hold are: Office Manager, Shift Supervisor, Department Manager, Foreperson, Crew Leader, Team Leader and Store Manager. Supervisors are responsible for the daily management of line workers who actually produce the product or offer the service.

The following objectives are included in this presentation:-

  • Describe the Major Functions of Supervision
  • Explain the Types of Supervisory Skills
  • Explain How to carry out performance appraisals
  • Explain How to use Open Communication Effectively
  • Explain How Supervisors can Motivate their Team
  • Explain the Strategies to Provide Support and Mentoring
  • Explain How to Address Problems as a Supervisor
  • Explain Role of Situational Leadership for Supervisors
  • Explain How to Establish Rapport with Subordinates
  • List the Characteristics of a Good Supervisor


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