Advanced Visual Merchandising & Store Design


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In order to design and create a display that attracts customers and sells merchandise, it is crucial that retailers should have a working knowledge of the principles of design. All of these principles of design when applied correctly and appropriately will help to create a display that is effective, purposeful, elegant, aesthetically beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. Moreover, when you understand the principle of design it will be easier for you to design a display for any kind of merchandise, any kind of target customers and in any kind of space.

The following objectives are included in our Latest PowerPoint Presentation:-

  • Explain the Principles of Design Used in Display
  • Explain What is Balance
  • Describe the Types of Balance
  • Explain the Strategies to Create Emphasis in Displays
  • Explain What is Proportion
  • Describe Ways in Which Proportion is Achieved
  • Explain What is Rhythm
  • Describe Strategies to Create Rhythm in Displays
  • Explain the Various Category of Colors
  • Explain What is a Color Wheel
  • Describe the Various Color Schemes
  • Describe the Types of Lighting Used in Store Illumination
  • Explain What is Harmony
  • Describe the Various Forms of Harmony
  • Describe the Common Window Display Errors


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