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Benchmarking is a crucial aspect involved in quality management. Benchmarking has achieved widespread recognition and popularity across several organizations in the world and is presently considered as an effective method for promoting process enhancements and re-engineering in numerous processes and methodologies.

Benchmarking is a famous strategy for identifying requirements and prerequisites and defining objectives.¬†Benchmarking speeds up an organization’s capacity to make upgrades. It is not simply about rolling out improvements and upgrades for the sake of rolling out improvements, benchmarking is tied in with adding value.

The below objectives are included in this Presentation:-

  • Explain What is Benchmarking
  • Explain Why Benchmarking
  • Explain What to Benchmark
  • Explain the Critical Questions for Benchmarking
  • Describe the Benchmarking Process
  • Explain the Steps of Benchmarking
  • Explain the Types of Benchmarking
  • Describe the Myths of Benchmarking
  • Explain the Benefits of Benchmarking
  • List the Advantages and Disadvantages of Benchmarking


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