Communication Barriers


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A person’s understanding or interpretation of a particular event/message. This includes what the sender and receiver intend as the outcome of the communication. This includes anything that interferes with effective communication. (sometimes known as noise). The situation/environment in which communication occurs. This includes time, place & socio/psychological factors. The route through which communication takes place.

The following objectives are included in this Presentation:-

  • Explain the Communication Process
  • Describe the Components of Communication
  • Explain What are Communication Barriers
  • Describe How Barriers cause Communication Breakdown
  • Explain the Key Barriers of Communication
  • Explain How to Overcome Communication Barriers
  • Explain Effect of Communication Barriers in Business
  • Explain Barriers to Effective Managerial Communication
  • List the Tips for Effective Managerial Communication
  • Describe the Strategies to Improve Communication


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