Memory Skills


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Good memory skills are always a great skill to possess whether you are a student, a professional, a leader or even a housewife. Good memory skills not only help you to complete your tasks more efficiently and on time but also help to make a good impression on people. When you remember your assigned tasks, their deadlines, people’s faces, names, birthdays etc. they tend to look up to you with respect. Thus, good ‘memory skill’ is an important skill to succeed in every walk of your life.

Here are the objectives which are included in the PowerPoint Presentation:-

  • Explain What is Memory
  • Explain the Importance of Memory
  • Explain Atkinson-Schiffrin Three-stage Model of Memory
  • Describe the Three Phases of Memory Activity
  • Describe the Retrieval Memory Effects
  • Explain the Analogy between Computer System and Memory System
  • Explain What is Retrieval Failure
  • Explain the Types of Interference
  • Describe the Techniques to Improve Memory
  • Explain What are Mnemonics
  • Explain What is the ‘Link’ Method
  • Explain the Strategies for Remembering Names
  • Explain the Strategies for Remembering Faces
  • Explain the Strategies for Remembering Important Numbers
  • List the Tips for Improving Memory


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