Ethical Leadership


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Ethical Leadership means using ethics and making an ethical decision in situations that are faced by leaders. It means keeping in mind several ethical perspectives while providing the overall leadership guidance to subordinates and the also the job responsibilities performed by leaders. Ethical leadership helps leaders to make ethical decisions and be an ethical leader.

The following objectives are included in this presentation:-

  • Explain What is meant by Ethical Leadership
  • Describe the Importance of Ethical Leadership
  • Explain What are Ethics
  • Explain the Various Ethical Theories
  • Explain the Ethical Leadership Perspectives of Leadership Scholars
  • Explain the Principles of Ethical Leadership
  • Describe the Various Elements of Character
  • Explain How to Make Ethical Decisions
  • List the Challenges of Ethical Leadership
  • Explain How to Develop Ethical Leadership in Leaders
  • Explain What is meant by Ethical Dilemmas
  • Explain the Four Paradigms of Dilemmas
  • Explain the Core Responsibilities of an Ethical Leader
  • List the Key Traits of an Ethical Leader
  • List the Tips to Improve Ethical Leadership in an Organization


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