Maintenance Management


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‘Maintenance Management’ is the process where available resources are regulated in a manner that plant and machinery can perform at specific levels. Maintenance management involves planning, scheduling, and execution of maintenance-related activities.

Plant and machinery in the initial days always perform to their fullest capacity but as time goes by it faces regular wear and tear, and their efficient operation becomes increasingly difficult.

The following objectives are included in our Latest PowerPoint Presentation:-

  • Explain What is meant by Maintenance
  • Explain What is Maintenance Management
  • Explain Why Maintenance Management
  • List Objectives of Maintenance Management
  • Explain Principles of Maintenance Management
  • Describe Factors Affecting Maintenance Management
  • Explain Types of Maintenance
  • Explain Impact of Poor Maintenance Management
  • Explain Criteria for Maintenance Efforts
  • Explain Steps in Maintenance Process
  • Describe the Process to Plan Maintenance Activities
  • Explain Importance of Maintenance Policy & Management
  • Explain Planning and Scheduling of Maintenance
  • Explain Aspects of Effective Maintenance Management
  • List Tips for Efficient Maintenance Management


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