Recruitment Skills


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The process of attracting a group of people from within or outside of organization for a job vacancy and identifying and hiring the best-qualified candidates from them, in a most timely and cost effectively manner is known as ‘Recruitment’.  Recruitment is a very important function within any organization. This is due o the fact that ‘people’ are the most important assets of any organization.

Hence, finding the right people to do the various jobs within any organization is very important.  Hence, the recruitment and selection of people is the major function of the human resource department.

The following objectives are included in this Presentation:-

  • Explain What is Recruitment
  • Explain the Importance of Recruitment
  • List the Sources of External Recruitment
  • List the Sources of Internal Recruitment
  • Explain the Various Approaches to Recruitment
  • Explain the Recruitment Process
  • List the Factors Affecting Recruitment Process
  • Explain the Stages of Recruitment
  • Explain the Selection Process
  • Explain the Various Selection Tests
  • Explain the Types of Interview
  • Explain How to Develop Good Interview Skills
  • Explain Body Language Cues in Interviews
  • List the Qualities of a Good Recruiter
  • Explain Who is a ‘Talent Acquisition Specialist’


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