Basics of Service Markets, Consumers & Products


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‘Services’ are inherently intangible, are consumed simultaneously at the time of their production, cannot be stored, saved or resold once they have been used and service offerings are unique and cannot be exactly repeated even by the same service provider. For example, getting a pedicure or manicure done at a salon is a service.

The following objectives are included in this Presentation:-

  • Define Services
  • Differentiate between Goods and Services
  • Explain What is meant by Services Marketing
  • Explain How Marketing of Services is Different
  • Explain the Characteristics of Services
  • Explain the Types of Services
  • Describe the Importance of Services Marketing
  • Differentiate between Software Products and Services
  • Explain the 7 P’s of Services Marketing
  • Explain the Factors to Set Price for a Service
  • Explain What is meant by a Service Encounter
  • List the Benefits of Maintaining Service Quality
  • Describe Importance of Value Addition in Service Industry
  • Explain How to Keep Competitive Edge in Service Industry
  • Explain the Challenges of Services Marketing


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