Developing a Service Model


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One of the key components of the service concept is ‘customer orientation’.  A service provider always determines the attributes and needs of its customers. It then endeavors to take action in order to satisfy these needs of its customers. A service provider must make a coordinated effort to succeed. Hence, a company integrates all its plans and activities to maximize efficiency.  One of the primary things that a service provider should aim to offer to its customers is a ‘good value proposition. Hence, a service provider must offer good value to the customers, through ‘appropriate pricing’ for customer service. A service provider should always set goals and then use strategy to attain them.

The following objectives are included in our Latest PowerPoint Presentation:-

  • Explain Components of a Service Concept
  • Describe Environment Analysis for Developing Service Model
  • Explain Service Design and Delivery Concept
  • Explain Aspects to Develop New Services
  • Explain Steps of Service Design Process
  • Explain What is meant by Service Blueprinting
  • Explain Steps for Developing Service Model
  • Explain Elements of a Service Marketing Mix
  • Explain Relevance of Brand Positioning for Consumers
  • Explain How to Measure Brand Equity of a Service
  • Describe the Planning and Branding of Services
  • Explain Components of Service Marketing Communication
  • Describe the Role of Intermediaries
  • Explain Pricing Strategy for Services
  • List the Tips for Effective Service Model Planning & Delivery


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