Basics of Strategic Game Theory for Managers


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The main aim of a ‘Game Theory’ is to study the consequences of or find out what happens when self-interested parties or agents interact with each other. You should understand that the word ‘self-interested’ in the context of Game Theory means that the involved each party or agent has his own description of which states of the world he likes. This may even include good things happening to other agents.

The below objectives are included in our Latest Presentation:-

  • Explain What is the Game Theory
  • Explain the Basic Elements of a Game
  • Explain the Importance of Game Theory
  • Explain Co-operative & Non-cooperative Game Theory
  • Explain What is Zero-sum & Non-zero Sum Game
  • Explain What is a Payoff Matrix
  • Explain What is a Normal Form Game
  • Explain What is ‘The Prisoner’s Dilemma’
  • Explain What is Nash Equilibrium
  • Describe Pure & Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibrium
  • Explain How to Use The Game Tree
  • Describe How to Anticipate Others’ Behavior in Game
  • Explain Steps to Apply Game Theory
  • List Applications of Game Theory in Strategic Mgmnt
  • Explain How Managers can Use Game Theory


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