Improving Service Recovery & Service Quality


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‘Service Quality’ refers to a parameter which decides the superiority or inferiority of a service. Service Quality can be defined as an attribute which differentiates a service from its competitors. Service Quality plays an essential role in every service business. Service company marketers need to emphasize on quality of their service brands over quantity to survive the cut-throat competition.

Why would a customer come to you if your competitor is also offering the same service? The difference has to be there in service quality. Your service brand needs to be superior for it to stand apart from the rest of the service providers.

The below objectives are included in our Latest Presentation:-

  • Explain What is meant by Service Quality
  • Differentiate between Quality Improvement in Service Industry
  • Explain How to Measure Service Quality
  • Explain How to Sustain Service Quality
  • Explain What is meant by Service Quality Management
  • Describe the Service Quality Management Process
  • Explain Strategies for Service Recovery
  • Explain Relation between Service Quality & Customers
  • List the Service Quality Parameters
  • Explain Types of Service Quality
  • Explain The PDSA Technique for Service Quality
  • Explain Steps of the PDSA Technique
  • Explain Role of Managers in Service Quality Management
  • Explain Role of Customers in Service Quality Management
  • List the Benefits of Improved Service Quality


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