Introduction to Retail Management


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Retail industry is one of the fastest growing and biggest sources of employment across the globe.  The word ‘Retailing’ is derived from the French verb ‘retailer’, which means, “to cut a piece off.”  Retailing is defined as all business activities that are involved in selling goods or services directly to the final consumers for their personal, family or household and non-business use.

Whereas, from a marketers point of view, retailing is defined as a set of marketing activities that are designed to provide satisfaction to the end consumer and profitably maintain the customer base by continuous quality improvements across all areas concerned with selling goods and services.

The following objectives are included in this Presentation:-

  • Explain What is Retail Management
  • Describe the Benefits of Retailing
  • Explain the Retail Selling Process
  • Explain the Classification of Retailers
  • Explain the Components of Retailing Concept
  • Explain the Steps of Retail Strategy Planning
  • Explain What is Franchising
  • Explain What is Merchandising
  • Explain What is Visual Merchandising
  • Describe the Importance of Location in Retailing
  • Explain the Types of Retail Location
  • Explain What is a Private Label
  • Explain the Process of Creation of Private Label
  • List the Myths about Careers in Retailing
  • List the Tips for Success in Retailing


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