Service Marketing Communications


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Services Marketing Communication plays several roles and caters to various needs of both the consumer as well as the services company. It is necessary for establishing and maintaining a service brand through a holistic marketing communication approach. Helps to align service branding strategy with the overall business goals of the service organization. Helps to find an ideal license partner and helps to ensure focus on long-term relationships. It helps organizations focus on maximizing the leverage of the service brand.

The following objectives are included in this Presentation:-

  • Explain Relevance of Services Marketing Communications
  • Explain Aspects of Marketing Mix in Communications
  • Describe Positioning Process in Marketing Communications
  • Describe the Services Marketing Communications Strategy
  • Explain ATL, BTL and TTL Communication Strategy
  • Explain Distribution of Services Marketing Communications
  • Describe the Various Media Options
  • Explain Role of Media Reach for Marketing Communications
  • Explain Segmentation in Marketing Communications
  • Explain Role of Promotion in Marketing Communications
  • Describe Ad Development Approaches for Services Marketing
  • Explain Types of Advertising in Marketing Communications
  • Explain High-end Components in Marketing Communications
  • Explain Digital Marketing for Marketing Communications
  • Explain Customer Relationship in Marketing Communication


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